Friday, March 7, 2008

Working With Build A Niche Store Empire

Today I want to talk about Build a Niche Store Empire by The Niche Store Builder. Mark H. the owner of the site has brought 12 of his fellow BANS members together to show how to build niche stores that make money. After all that's why we are here. To make money. With the methods the group is using even the most novice Internet Marketer can build Niche Stores and succeed.
Mark has become one of the BANS Guru's since he started using BANS in August 2007. He has been involved with the Internet and Computers for many years. He has helped many users succeed.
As a guest blogger I feel privledge to be asked to join the group. I started using BANS around the same time as Mark did, but with absolutly no experience with software.
The participants will and have built stores and posted the results and progress for all to see.
My stores that I have built to date for the 12 week course are
All we ask is that folks following along is that they don't copy our stores and that they stay on the sites and visit for 30 seconds to avoid a high bounce rate in Google.
If you are Building Niche Stores or considering it ,this is the place to learn.
This blog has many tools and tricks to help you with your endevers. I encourage you to look around. You will find many proven methods and free tools to help you succeed. Good Luck
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