Monday, February 18, 2008

One Way Linking Blogs to Niche Stores

Promote your Niche or Anything Else with a Blog

This is going to be a quick lessen for promoting a Niche Store or anything else in a blog.
Blogging is probably the best way to start out promoting products. I have found that if you right 1 or 2 articles a week about products in your Niche Store and place them in a blog you can increase traffic to your Web Site.
Before I start. Think of this most forums and blogs don't allow back links that lead to a pitch page. They will ad a NO Follow Tag ! Craigslist too. You need a blog !
The best way to start is to try and find a "Keyword Rich" domain name for a niche that you have interests in. With a blog I like to keep the Domain a general term so I can promote more than one type of Niche Store. You want to think about a "niche". Hate to say it but home based business is taken . Google search brings up 62.300.000 results. Try to be nichy. Once you have a few idea's go to blogger or and start a blog. If your domain isn't available try putting " - " between each word. (domain-name) Search engine will see it as a regular domain. Some bloggers even say this method is better for the SE's. Make sure you go through the set up and ping all the feeds and blogger automatically put blogs in directories. You want to enable everything. Comments are important. Always choose to show between 2 and 5 posts and archive at least once a week if not everyday.
OK, know that you have a domain/website/blog you will need content. Getting content for blogging is easy. Its in your Niche Stores. Do some keyword research on items you have in your store. Pick 1 or 2 that have a high KEI. Then go to the manufactures Web Site and find everything pertaining to the products you want to promote. Use this content as a bases for your article. You will generally find Press Releases, Product Specifications, Etc. When you put your promotional article together be sure and stay relevant. As you are writing your article include "Keyword Rich Text Links" to the product in your Niche Store. Try not to be spamy with the links. 1 or 2 for each product is enough. Say you are promoting IPods use a anchor text like IPod or MP3. Terms that have a large search volume. With the use of single keywords in the billions now the newest method is the long tail keywords such as "Apple Ipod Nano 3rd Gen MP3". DO NOT just copy and paste content from other sites to your blog. Content needs to be changed between 40 and 50% . Be Authoritative and relevant. Instead of trying to stuff all your Niche Store links into your content make a widget in your side bar that contains your "Favorite Links". Again use "Keyword Anchor Text"

Another method of getting content for your blog is blogging other blogs. HOW; If you are using IE you highlight the first couple paragraphs, right click and click copy. Then right click on the page. A dropdown menu pops up. At the bottom you will see "Send To" Click on What ever blog you set up and it will open with the blog link embedded in the title. Simply right click and paste the text to the page. Click save. There's your content. Two things about getting content this way. Always make sure there is a back link to the original blog. 2 Again always add at least 40% more original content to avoid the Google dup content slap. The best content is original articles between 250 and 1200 words. You can buy it too if your lazy. Once you have some content then put up ad banners. I mentioned content first because it is the most important thing on a blog or any site for that matter. Relevant content is what gets you traffic. Google mission Statement is to provide content that benefits it users. Blog content relevant to your niche. Placement of banners is important. I like horizontal banners around 300px wide and 60px high. I prefer to place them between paragraphs. I don't recommend AdSense for 2 reasons 1 it takes people of your sit and 2 unless you really know what your doing you won't make much money, but a small banner can't hurt. It helps the learning process. Stick with promoting one or two ads. That's it. To many ads will increase your bounce rate in Google. You need people to stay on your sit at least 30 second , not click away becouse of ads. People are looking for content.
Once you have content and a couple ads to promote your off to the races. It's time to play Google's little game. The 1st 30 days of any site depending on organic traffic is very important. You may want to consider saving your first 2 or 3 posts as drafts. Then post them about a week apart.
Try and remember people are not coming to your blog becouse of the products you want to promote. They come for content. Find a niche and write relevant content, then promote it. The idea is to get readers to be engaged in your content and then click on the "Keyword Rich Links".
I'm only going to mention a couple ways to promote the blog itself today. The 1st would be joining forums. Of course relevant to your niche. There is a forum for every subject you can think of. Just search Google for "Your Niche Forum". Place a "Keyword Rich" link to your blog in the signature using the profile page. Post relevant content in these forums. If you are authoritative readers will click on your signature and most importantly when the search engine crawl the web they will pick up your back link and follow it and crawl your page. Make sure you have content before adding a signature or back link anywhere.
Leave comments on blogs like yours and leave your URL. Try and find blogs that have strength with Google. You can find the Site Strength Meters on Google. Stronger isn't always better. Pick blogs with them the same or slightly better.
Use Social Bookmarking Sites like the ones in the post footer on this page.
Last one for today join Blogger Forum but don't spam them. They just went live again after being spammed to death. Its a strong forum.

Remember this method is for creating one way links to your Niche Store. DO NOT link from your store to your blog. Two way links are a thing of the past IMO. Strong one way back links are what we are trying to achieve.
Remember give visitors content and the click will come.
Start blog
Add relevant content
Add "Keyword Rich Links" to product in Niche Store
Promote the blog itself in forums blogs and Social Bookmarking Sites.
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