Sunday, March 16, 2008

Revenue Sharing, High Ranking Back links

Well for the last several posts here have been geared towards promoting Niche Stores and Blog's. Why stop now ? I'm on a backlink roll. If you are new to Internet marking or not you will find this usful. Recently I was introduced to Qassia by some Internet friends. It took me a few days to get back to it, but once I did I began to see the incredible uses for the site. I'll try to explain just how it works. Qassia is a user based revenue sharing and link exchange. The way the revenue sharing works is you input you Adsense ad code in your profile and when your site or article appears the ads on the page are yours. By that I mean you get all the revenue from the Adsense ads on the page. 100%. Qassia says they never even handle the money. Great concept. By simply putting your code in the ads the revenue go's directly to your Adsense account. How do you get users to see your ads ? Participate its that simple.
Though money is nice our goal is to get quality backlinks to our sites. The way you do this is by adding "Intel" or information. By adding Intel you are paid in Qassia cash points. Once you have a certain amount of cash your site and page links are moved into high traffic parts of the site. When adding Intelligence and articles you get a high quality Do-Follow Link. You can also add other links to each Intel that will contain the No-Follow tag. The validity of the No-follow tag has come into question by Web Masters over the last several months. The No-Follow tag may not be as bad as once thought. That's another post.
Another way to earn Qassia cash is to review others Intel. Every Intel go's through this process. It adds authority to there site which intern gives your back link strength in the search engines.
It is very important that you only ad original content. All your content is reviewed by fellow users 10 times. If it is duplicate content copied and pasted from another site they will know and your article or Intel will get very few votes or even get you band. This is the very reason the site has so much strength.
Sign up is simple and the learning curve is fairly fast.
Go to Qassia and find out for yourselves. I personally see lots advantages to the site and plan on becoming a heavy user. I love gardening so I'm writing articles about my garden.
Sorry about the Qassia link above not working it's working now


Danny Ibiza said...

Very interesting stuff, but they wont accept new members for the moment unless refered by a current member. I really would like to give this a go.

BlogMaster said...

Sorry the link was broken. Its working now. Qassia is accepting new members!!!