Saturday, February 2, 2008

Using Content Pages To Get Indexed By Google

With any Niche Store or blog on the Internet getting to the front Page of Google can be one of the most difficult parts of being a Web Master. There are many methods of optimizing your site so it stands a chance.
Backlinks are probably the most important assuming your site is set up for backlinks. Get all the relevant backlinks you can get.
This post covers the use of content pages and how to get backlink and using social sites such as Digg, Stumble and Propel to market a web site. If you don't have a place for content on your site you need to create one. When using this method you should always remember to keep your keywords and meta tags handy.
Major search engines look for relevant content. They want to provide a good experience for there users without lots of ads and spam. So the way to start is by giving them what they want, Content. Start by writing a keyword rich article relevant to your niche. Use note pad and save them. If you have a niche that sells MP3 write 2 or 3 articles about MP3. You want to use your main keyword once for every 100 words in each article. Find 2 or 3 secondary keyword and sprinkle them around the article. IMO articles between 450 and 1200 words is optimal. Wordtracker is is the best way to find Keyword You can use the Free Keyword tool.

If your are not already a member of Digg, StumbleUpon or Propel you should sign up at this point. With StumbleUpon you download the toolbar and with Digg and Propel you put the icon on your site for others to click on. You can sign up simply by clicking on the icons in the post footer of this article. Add the toolbar and the button to the content page of your site. Or if you want you can ad the post footer like this page by using
Next you put one article on the content within your site. Make sure the page is well laid-out. If you use AdSense try to integrate it into the page by blending the colors of the ad to the page. Stay within Googles TOS. If you are selling products like MP3 Players, ipods or free online games insert 1 or 2 well placed links to those pages. Don't be to spammy. Make the page look authoritative.
After you have your article set up and your Digg and StumbleUpon icons in your postfooter using Feedburner or Digg Tools or sidebar you will now tell the social sites about your article. Simply click the icon and then go to submit. When you submit the story the submission should include tags. Keywords relevant to the story. Use between 4 and 12 tags.

Now it's time to market the story or article. There are several ways to do this. One way to market on the Internet is to search for relevant blogs and leave a comment and include your sites URL. allows readers to leave backlinks and comments. When leaving a comment be sure and use your meta tags from the article within your comment. Search for blogs about your niche such as MP3
Another way to get back links is to post on forums about your MP3 niche and use the Signature Option. Use a keyword rich anchor text. Like "Cheap MP3". You can use this method 2 ways. Send browsers back to the article or to ware the products are being sold. If you want to come across as authoritative you should send them to the article. If the reader is engaged they will likely stay on the page and look around. You can also trade Diggs and Stumbles on Web Master Forums. There is also sites like Piqq that trade Diggs Stumbles and Propels.
What the site owner is looking for is 'BackLinks" not necessarily sales. Though sales are nice. Search Engines are looking for relevant content for there users. Once they find good content they will follow it and the pages move up in rank. You want and make sure the speed that content is added looks to be natural to the SE's. If the search engines see content being added to fast they will think it is generated and it will take longer to rank. Add one article at a time. 2 or 3 a week for a blog. Blog articles can be much shorter also. More like 250 to 500 words. A web site can add 2 or 3 content pages broken down into sub niches. Like Mp3 Article, MP3 Tutorials and MP3 Downloads.
This method of getting of getting targeted organic traffic will show the search engines that the site is authoritative and meaningful to readers. As people read the stories and digg them the pages will gain strength and the page will begin to rank better and better.

Some Diggers and StumbleUpon users have reported having 100s of hits a day. Just remember to write about niche subject and keep organic and authoritative and well placed anchor text and the search engines will come. And don't forget to promote, promote and promote.

We will continue to provide more tips in the days to come.

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