Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Basics of Affiliate Marketing and SEO

After getting involved with Big Crumbs and Yuwie I began to get requests for help with basic Internet marketing advice. So I thought I would back up a little from promoting / marketing blogs and web sites and talk about affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing can be used in many ways. The most basic is Google's AdSense. The best way to start is to build a blogspot blog such as this one and fill it with relevant content and placing AdSense ads in the prepositioned areas provided. Blogs are where most Internet marketers start. After you have a sense of blog building and the use of AdSense its time to start with some other Affiliate programs. Commission Junction is probably the best known. It costs nothing to join CJ or most programs. After CJ the next best program is IncentReward Affiliate Network. Once you have joined these networks you can begin promoting EBAY Company's , Products, Coupon Sodes, Surveys, Free IPods the list is endless. Find something that is relevant to the topic of your blog and promote it. Choose something different for each post. Blogspot is the best place to start because Google owns it and index blog sites as long as they contain content that is useful to Google users. As long as you post lots and provide relevant content your blog will get indexed by the search engines. Blogging takes work you need to post lots at least 2 or 3 times a week if not every day.

Once you have your blog up and running with content and your promotions you need to promote your site. The best way to start promoting is Digg, StubleUpon, MySpace or any social site. You can get a boost to your Diggs and stumbles by using Piqq. You can get free Diggs by Digging others or buy them. There is no need to buy Diggs or Stumbles you simply Digg others and earn credits. You need to be invited to Piqq though. Being a member I can post one invite at a time. If this INVITE is used post a comment and I will post another. Some bloggers have quit there day jobs and made the move to full time blogging and make a great living.

Here's a short list of places to get your blog noticed by the world.

Spicypage Myblog Feedburner Zion5 Digg

The next step is to begin building Web Sites to promote. I will be writing a post about finding and building niche sites in the coming days.

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