Friday, July 25, 2008

Directory Submiitter Gets Updated Bling

Ive been using Directory Submitter! for about 6 months. I Love it. Set up accounts for each site and with the click of the mouse you site is submitted to seo friendly directories. Well I haven't been to Directory submitter for a about a month and decided to submit some sites today and what do you know ? There's a update. Alright !
Here's the updates:
Two new columns have been added to the software. They are “Category” and “Title”.
2. An auto-save option has been implemented: Every 15 seconds program saves all user data, so in case of a PC freeze or power outage, you will not lose any of your data.
3. We’ve added a new auto-rotate feature. Now, if you have more than 1 title and description entered into your project information screen, Directory Submitter will rotate between each of the titles and descriptions combinations every other directory. Simply check the check box to enable this feature. ( This has been working for some time)
4. They added a new “Report Directory Error” context menu so you can let them know if there is a “faulty” directory in the software that does not load. This way we can keep a very updated list for all users.
5. When new directories are added to our database, you will be notified on software start up. This way you can download the latest list of directories to your software.
6. And last, but not least, they added more than 500 new directories, both free and paid AND speciality directories to the software!
This is a great free software. Personally I have had success with saving tons of time and money with this tool. You need to have your sites in directories. Why because thats how search engines find you and since directories approve sites at different time tables your submissions look natural too. So if you already have Directory Submitter open it up and get the download. If you haven't used it you should. Directory Submitter will save so much time submitting your web sites to SEO Friendly sites. Its Basic SEO

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Web Author said...

Hey Bill,

Are you using the Paid or Free Version.

BlogMaster said...

Free, I use as much free tools as possable. That said I do use every tool here. Paid or not