Wednesday, July 9, 2008

BANS ePN and Pepper Jam Team Up $10 Sign Up Bonus

Whether your into affiliate marketing, online marketing, affiliate program management, affiliate network, or CPA network this post is for you.
Thats right there's New Kids On The Block and they are PepperJam . These folks have taken the affiliate marketing world by storm. First PJ has scored with eBay's Partner Network, aka ePN by being authorized to approve, track and Pay eBay Affiliates through there (PJs) in house system*. So this is great news for ePN Affiliates that were not approved by eBay or simply aren't happy with the workings of the new ePN. An alternative to ePN is a welcome face for many. Where not going to rehash the ePN issues here, but Pepper Jam is definitely needed IMO. If ePN denied you try PJ.
Whats even better is Build A Niche Store has provided its users with a mod to change there new and existing BANS Stores to PJ. If your not familiar with BANS it is probably one of the best ways to build web sites today. BANS gives web master to quick and IMO a easy ways to build and monetized web sites while using the power of eBay's ePN. One thing about BANS is that it is what you make it. More work = more money, but that's more for a SEO post. I will say Build A Niche Store is the most powerful site building script I have ever purchased and Ive had them all.
One more thing to come from these partnerships is that PJ is offering a $10.00 sign up bonus for new affiliates. Not sure how long it will last so you should Join Pepperjam Network today!

The PJ vs ePN Comparison. I have put up some PepperJam driven BANS sites and some ePN BANS site over the last couple weeks to try and make some comparisons. Not to find out if the tracking is different. The commissions through PJ are the same as ePN. The traking is a little different in the way of speed. PJ is faster so far. What I want to find out is what kind of assistance and opportunities each provides. In the short period of time I can say PJ blows ePN away when it comes to customer service. After all ePN has 10's of thousands if not 100.000's affiliates to deal with. PJ has dedicated Partner Managers for each merchant. Every email I sent so far has been answered within hours not days like ePN. Now to tracking. Pepper Jam seems to be faster. Most clicks and commissions are reported almost in real time. Don't ask how. I don't know and don't care PJ dose update much faster most days though. Between the two groups of sites I have put up both have done about the same in traffic and sales. Two weeks just is not enough time to start showing numbers, but both made around a $100 the first 7 days after launch. Stay tuned the results of this un-scientific test will be posted when I feel there is enough data.
Over all I like Pepper Jam more than ePN and plan on building many sites using them as my affiliate marketing base.
Good luck all. Try looking through my past posts for more tips and even free stuff

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