Sunday, March 2, 2008

Using Stumble Upon And Free Stumble Upon Exchange

If you haven't used Stumble Upon or Stumble upon Exchange you need to read this. Stumble Upon is the hottest social bookmarking site on the web. Stumble users have reported getting 1000's of visits to there web sites and articles within 24 hours of submitting a site. As you can see at the bottom of these pages there are many bookmarking options. Stumble is just one of them, but it's the hottest now.
With the method I'm going to show you can increase the amount of Stumbles you can get simply by Stumbling other Stumble upon users.
First you want to sign up for Stumble if you already haven't. Download the StumbleUpon Toolbar and your ready. Then go to Stumble Exchange and sign up.
Once you have signed up you will have 5 points. This will allow you to add your first site for others to Stumble. Once you have added your first site you then start to Stumble other users sites and earn points. When you Stumble someones site a new window will open. Click the thumbs up icon on the Stumble Toolbar then close the window. When you have done that you then claim your points by sending a quick message to the site owner informing them you Stumbled there site. They will then verify it and you get you point. The more points you have the more your site is presented to others to Stumble. Stumble Exchange works on the premise of activity. The more active you are, the more Stumbles you receive. A good trick is to Stumble users that are online at the time. There is a option to just Stumble users on the site at the time.
Now go get some Stumles
UPDATE: I wrote these instruction simply by doing Stumble Exchange for myself. The instruction are based on what I did to get started. Thats it. They are not re-writen from someone else.

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