Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SEOBOOK Go's Community Based More Information Abounds

As a user of the SEObook I was taken back at first by this Email I received from Aron Wall, Creator of the SEOBook.
"Over the course of the past couple years it became obvious to me that the perceived value of ebooks was dropping, the field of SEO was getting more complex, and many people who purchased my book wanted to be able to interact with me and ask me many questions. This caused me to need to change the SEO Book business model away from selling a downloadable ebook, and toward selling a web based information product backed by a community forum that helped turn it into a service more than a product."
This turns out to be great breaking news. The SEOBook must be one of the most downloaded EBooks ever. It is so packed full of information that one can get overwhelmed fast. Information overload.
Now that Aron Wall has decided to make his SEOBook community based he is falling into line with the biggest influence on the Internet now. Social and community based websites. Now Web Masters will be able to squeeze every last bit of information from Aron SEO techniques as well as many new ideas and techniques from users. Users helping users. It use to be web masters kept all there techniques close to the vest, but times have changed. I plan on re-evaluating how I use SEOBooks information over the next several days and be reporting back.
A good example of Web Masters sharing is Mark Hanson's Build A Niche Store Empire Series. Mark has not be one of the smartest people on the Internet. He has been involved with Build a Niche Store software for some time now and has created this series to help 1st time beginner web masters to advanced users.
Mark was the first person on the Internet to show me how to do anything. I couldn't even FTP a file when I meet him. Mark has invited me to be a guest blogger on his newest project. This has brought full circle from learning to teaching, but as we all know the learning process never ends.
This week has been full of new SEO tools Wordze free database and Free Build a Niche Store Empire Series

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