Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Using Personal Experiences To Promote Niches

I have found over the years that writing about experience's in my own life are a great way to promote Niche Stores or any blog or site. When one writes about something that has actually impacted your own life the content is more engaging for the writer and the reader. Writing about some thing you've done or places you've been is just natural to write about.
If anyone is planting a vegetable garden or taking a summer vacation bring and use your camera and document it on a blog. If you are 100% natural your site will be found. This method is not really for driving huge sales its more about putting relative content on the Internet for Users. Thats what Google wants. "Relevant Content" and not thin affiliate pages. Maybe put 1 AdSense ad on the site but don't spam it. Use the sidebar to place anchor text links to your Niche Sites.
If you post often which is easy if it you experienced the topic your blog will become a authoritative site in Google. That were you want to be.
Once you have decided on a topic go to your favorite Keyword Tool and look for 4 0r 5 KW's and Longtail KW's to use. Use them on every post and rotate them through the topics and body of your posts. Once you have 10 to 20 posts then consider monetizing the site or blog.
Blogger is perfect for this. It's free, Easy, and Google will lock on to your site if you have good fresh relevant content. In exchange for being authoritative the links to your Niche sites will have link juice.

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lissie said...

Thats a useful post thanks - I have a blogger blog but I havent used it very much and now youve reminded me!