Friday, March 28, 2008

Significant Category Changes Coming To Ebay in April

So after the announcement 2 weeks ago that Ebay would be moving the affiliate program in-house Ebay throws affiliates another curve ball. More significant category changes. About 2 week ago Ebay surprised affiliates with category changes. With no notice many affiliates where completely taken by surprise. And to throw salt in the wound some of the new categories wouldn't work with some script's. Took us more than a week to sort out some of the issues that came with these changes.
Hopefully with the advance notice given this go around the changes will smoother. Keep your eye on these links and we suggest anyone these changes may affect sign up for Email updates from Ebay Developers Site.
The category structure will be updated in early April based on feedback received from the eBay Community and from experts in the affected fields. The April update contains some significant changes for Business & Industrial, Cell Phones & PDAs, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden and Musical Instruments. If you sell in these areas, please be sure to take a look at the new category structure on Seller Central . Books, Coins & Paper Money, Consumer Electronics, Sporting Goods and Toys & Hobbies also have minor adjustments as detailed below.
Updated Categories: Business & Industrial - significant changes
Cell Phones & PDAs - significant changes
Health & Beauty - significant changes
Home & Garden - significant changes
Musical Instruments - significant changes
Books - removing
Magazine Subscriptions, according to new company policy.Coins & Paper Money - updating year categories in US quarters & dollar coins
Consumer Electronics - adding DJ Gear & Stage Lighting section
Sporting Goods - adding categories for Climbing Holds and Equestrian-themed
Jewelry & Accessories, and moving
Disc Golf to Outdoor Sports
Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop - updating year categories in Cards
Toys & Hobbies - Adding Pokemon TFG and Control Line & Freeflight categories
Good Luck

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