Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flipping Websites Is The Newest SEM Craze

OK so Ive been making a living on the Internet full time for many years now. Ive seen almost everything so I thought.
As someone who has built many websites I understand how a crappy looking site does online. Not good!
Man I remember when BANS first came out. I built some of the worst looking websites with that script. Don't get me wrong I love Build A Niche Store. The developers taught me more than you could know. Probably the best thing I ever did.
But anyway back to this new craze on the web Site Flipping. I have tried to flip sites in the past, but had a hard time finding places to sell then with ease. You know moving the file, domain name, changing the WHOIS listing on Site Point and so on.
I know people who have been doing this website flipping thing for years. They make a ton of money selling sites. The only thing is they are experts in many web fields like Wed Design, HTML, Graphics and so much more. You know the kind of people who code wordpress plugins and the like.
Well the other day I came across this new e learning system made just for this new craze called Site Flipping.
Actually the Home learning course hasn't even been released yet. The Launch is at the end of June. As I was reading some of the pre launch documentation that was released early it looks very promising for me.
What is it? It's a learn How to Flip Websites Code E Learning System. The two guy's developing the e learning course have been around for some time just like me and I have used products they have developed in the past.
What I think I'm going to do is flip my own websites with this e learning for The Site flipping Code
I have so many websites just sitting not making any money what do I have to lose?
The developers are starting to give out free e learning books and videos leading up to the launch day. From what Ive seen just using the free e books and reports will make me better off than I was before.
I guess I'm jumping on the bandwagon early. I suggest anyone else interested in making some cash off of flipping sites to give it a try. Why not most of the materials are free.

Check it out at Flipping Sites 101

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