Sunday, February 8, 2009

eBay To Close Unsed Accounts With No Activity

In a announcement on the ePN Blog this week it was said that EBay Partner Network will close inactive accounts. ePN is looking for accounts that haven't had activity and will close them. A email will be sent to the users giving a 3 day notice.
ePN has cracked down on black hat marketers and those in violation of TOS. Though ePN said this is not a expiration it is clear they are cleaning house. Many folks start Internet Marketing sites and just give up after learning that it's real work. Sorry to say their is no such thing as a automatic money making program. SEM and SEO is work. You must update your sites and add content regularly in order to generate traffic. Hence their are lots of dormant ePN accounts.
It's sad that folks would let a ePN account go inactive seeing how hard it is to get a account these days. ePN is one of the best affiliates you can have.
If you are considering applying to ePN make sure your site is established and has relevant content before submitting a application. The vetting process ePN uses is more difficult than the one Obama's appointees go through IMO. Have your sites prepared for some heavy duty scrutiny

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